Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

we have no obligation or responsibility what so ever on what people post in terms of description or photos.

we have no obligation or responsibility what so ever on what people submit as an offer.

we will take no responsibility if any one received spam calls, texts and emails because they provided their phone number in the website.

we will not be responsible if a requester or offer submitter will receive any offensive calls or went through a physical contact or any kind of trouble because a post they made on the site.

we will not take any responsibility if a company or individual lost their deal because their customer received a better offer through us.

we have the right to not approve any request or any offer submitted by any user.

we have the right to delete any profile registered / request or an offer in the website or block any IP address from accessing the website.

we are not liable for any infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights, arising out of requests posted on or transmitted through the Website, or offers submitted in the website, by end users or any other third parties.

we will take no responsibility on any problems, conflicts or misunderstanding between the requester & the offer submitter.

we will not guarantee that you will be satisfied after using the website for any purpose.


we will take any necessary action / legal action against any violations happens to the website, external violations or internal.

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